Thank you for your interest in supporting pro bono life-changing legal services for vulnerable non-citizens throughout New England and beyond.


Golden Stairs Immigration Center provides life-changing legal services to vulnerable non-citizens.

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  • Children seeking protection from deportation
  • Asylum seekers fleeing persecution, torture, and death
  • Families facing separation with one or more members in deportation proceedings
  • Survivors of domestic and sexual violence
  • Non-citizens detained in ICE custody facing immediate deportation
  • Non-citizens facing unusually complicated legal situations which might otherwise cost tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees


East Boston has been the vital heart of Boston’s immigrant community for hundreds of years. The Golden Stairs Immigration Center honors and continues that tradition in the spirit of the “Golden Stairs” which hundreds of thousands of aspiring new Americans ascended after being processed through the East Boston Immigration Station. GSIC is committed to  providing high-quality free and (depending on income) low cost legal services and representation to non-citizens who would not otherwise be able to afford access to counsel while advocating for better immigration policy, and educating and coordinating with non-immigration attorneys looking for pro bono immigration experience.


There is a critical shortage of non-profit immigration legal services in greater Boston, most especially on the side of Boston Harbor where most of our Central American community resides. Some of the non-citizens who most need immigration law services are least able to pay for access to justice, and we are ready to meet their needs as soon as possible.


GSIC’s founders are two partners at Cameron Micheroni & Silvia, a small neighborhood immigration law firm in East Boston, with more than 20 years of combined experience in immigration law.

President & Director
Nicole Micheroni is a graduate of Wellesley College and Temple School of Law who has been practicing immigration law since 2013. As a partner in Cameron Micheroni & Silvia, she specializes in deportation defense, asylum law, family reunification, and artist visas.

Co-Director & Public Policy Advisor
Matt Cameron is a nationally-recognized expert in immigration law and policy who has been practicing immigration law (primarily deportation defense, asylum law, and “crimmigration”) since 2006. He is the managing partner of Cameron Micheroni & Silvia, an adjunct lecturer at Northeastern University on immigration policy, and a regular contributor to The Baffler and the The New Republic.